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Melony Feliciano

The Executive Producer & Host of B.A.R. TV is an amazing moderator and rising star intermediary with years of experience learn more...




Thugged Out Thursday

Thugged Out Thursday's meets B.A.R. TV at Gett2knowme Radio

The Mini Bar

B.A.R. T V Present's The Mini B.A.R. Feat. DWI of DSN

B.A.R. TV Feat. CoCo Mills

B.A.R. TV "Raising The Bar" feat. Racquel "CoCo" Mills

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Besides live performances and fashion showcases, B.A.R. TV  gives the hottest exclusive interviews! Our guest line up includes celebrities, influencers, authors, entertainment and business executives, attorneys, politicians, philanthropists, filmmakers, and much more.

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B.A.R. TV is a nationally syndicated talk show, an acronym for Brilliant & Resilient. Who should we feature next and why?


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BRIC TV: Monday’s & Wednesday’s 

3:30am, 1:30pm & 11pm

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Tuesday’s 2:30pm

Spectrum: Channels 56 & 1996 

FiOS: Channel 34 

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New York, New York


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