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Why B.A.R.TV?

B.A.R. TV is Brilliant and Resilient... Come see what we have to offer!

What We Do

We feature artist performances/fashion showcases Exclusive interviews with celebrities, influencers, authors, entertainment/business executives, attorneys, members of the Senate, philanthropists, filmmakers, and more.

B.A.R TV is definitely on the verge of becoming one of the biggest talk shows in the entertainment world. I encourage you all to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and support the movement. She is doing incredible things, stay tuned because you never know where she’s taking her show.

 Bar Tv’s Air Schedule: 

BRIC TV: Monday’s & Wednesday’s 

3:30am, 1:30pm & 11pm

Spectrum Channel 1998 / Optimum Channel 68 / RCN Channel 83 / Verizon Fios Channel 43



Tuesday’s 2:30pm

Spectrum: Channels 56 & 1996 

FiOS: Channel 34 

RCN: Channel 83 

Platforms: YouTube, Fios, Spectrum, Optimum

About Melony

Melony Feliciano is an NYC native with the hustle, passion, and thrive that matches the fast pace of the city that never sleeps. With a corporate background in business management and customer service, Ms. Feliciano began to explore a new career direction in the entertainment industry. In 2017 She became an on-air personality on 93.5 FM WVIP. She launched ​her talk show B.A.R. TV ​in 2018. Melony has interviewed a plethora of celebrities including Angela Simmons, Selah Marley (daughter of Lauryn Hill), Bernadette Stanis (Actress, Thelma, Good Times and author), Pras Michael, Martin Luther King Jr. III, and a slew of actors, musicians & social activists.

Her latest role is the SVP of Operations at Super O Mgmt, Inc​. An Independent Agency that specializes in consulting, marketing, and production within the entertainment industry. In addition to being a production and on-air expert, Ms. Feliciano continues to give back to her community as a philanthropist & advocate for women and children affiliated with a Domestic Violence Organization called W.A.R.M. 

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