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Legendary Hip Hop Artist Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard Releases a New Solo Album after 3 Decades

Legendary hip hop artist Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard- now known as PTPB- is releasing an anxiously awaited solo album at the top of 2022. Aptly named "Monsters and Heroes," the project showcases his new sound, capturing an exotic blend of lyrical hip hop, pop, EDM, reggae, and R & B.


NEW YORK, September 22, 2021/Goddess Media NYC/ -- After several decades of working behind the scenes songwriting, producing, and developing up and coming artists, PTPB- formerly known as Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard- is releasing a long-awaited solo album aptly named "Monsters and Heroes." PTPB's diverse project came to pass during the peak of the COVID 19 pandemic and after experiencing profound personal loss. The newfound moniker and album title mirror his growth as a person and as an artist- capturing his vast level of creative versatility and pulling listeners into his musical labyrinth.

In celebration of the project, Tuesday, August 31, 2021, members of the media and music industry tastemakers experienced a live listening event in Chelsea, New York City. The event's aim was to showcase PTPB's new sound, allow the press to conduct exclusive interviews, preview some of the songs from "Monsters and Heroes," and have a live Q & A with PTPB. The event was sponsored and hosted by VPR Radio's own DJ FMI and Qianathegoddess and Goddess Media. Food and wine for the guests was sponsored by RTM Entertainment and Chef Marcus.

PTPB received a feature on Digiwaxx's highly coveted "New Music Wednesdays" following the live event. He also previewed his music virtually for an elite nationally-recognized DJ coalition group- Fleet DJ's. PTPB utilized these opportunities to explain his inspiration for the project and give DJs an advanced option to listen to the album.

The purpose of approaching DJs with his music first was to reinforce their importance in his musical journey, especially being born into an era of hip hop where the roles of DJs are paramount. The attendees were astounded by his songs' versatility, vocal range, and lyricism and offered support and positive feedback.

PTPB states: "My goal as an artist was always to impress people with lyrics and songs. Much of my experience in the music business robbed me of my passion for my purpose. I was feeling lost to myself. I couldn't see myself. I asked the universe to allow me to be 'normal' again. My state of confusion made fame way less appealing to me. After my dad's recent passing, my mom reminded me of the proud feelings he held toward me as an artist and that he would have wanted me to forge ahead and shine as brightly as possible. Since that conversation, I feel reintroduced to my purpose, and most importantly, my role in music culture. I feel that Monsters and Heroes reflect that."

PTPB’s latest single, Keep a Secret is available for streaming via Spotify and Apple Music, and all digital music platforms.

Interested investors, press, or DJs, please get in touch with Qiana Williams of Goddess Media- or 212 470 2101 to request interviews, partnerships or to preview "Monsters and Heroes."


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