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First Black-Owned Blockchain Digital Agency Announces Global Premier of NFT Fans Agency

NEW YORK CITY, New York - July 3, 2021 Jason Swanston, a technology entrepreneur, announces the digital premier of NFT Fans Agency, the first black-owned blockchain digital agency in the NFT space. Technology is vital to preserving cultural history by minting NFT’s from estates of icons and legends.

NFT Fans Agency developed to meet the demands and needs of the global NFT collectors seeking to procure digital assets from moments in time - focusing on crypto art collections and stories.

“Our mission is to source and create NFT collections for our culture-loving clients’ digital wallets. We intend to utilize blockchain technology security to ensure authenticity in perpetuity, free from corruption and fraud. Our ancestors would be pleased that we are claiming these moments in time with honor and protecting them for future generations,” Swanston, CEO, and founder stated. “Collectors are seeking impactful NFT’s for pleasure and legacy building.”

“We at NFT Fans Agency have adopted a team philosophy of minting NFT collections that will increase in value and stand the test of time, with the stories embedded into the smart contract,” said Swanston. “We are multi-media storytellers who embrace the blockchain movement.”

The new boutique agency has attracted a diverse team of creative talent, from graphic designers to artists to technology developers, with a complete production studio to assist in minting (creating) the items into quality, unique digital art. Surrounded by fine art advisors and entertainment creatives, Swanston intends to make NFT’s that increase value and importance throughout history, thus focusing on story-telling and building collections.

The NFT Fans Agency will officially reveal their first NFT collections at the Art Basel Miami Beach contemporary art fair December 1-5, 2021. Swanston promises to deliver compelling NFT’s from his agency’s exclusive agreements with heavy hitters in pop culture, music, and sports, including the multi-platinum producer for the Beastie Boys, DJ Hurricane; multi-platinum producer of Tupac Shakur and Cardi B, Shorty B; NFL star Bob Whitfield; the Deborah King Collection (the daughter of boxing legend Don King) and many others. Shortly, his team will allow access to a few select NFT’s on the most popular marketplaces, such as Open Sea, Rarible, and Known Origin.

“Crypto art is the future of the art world. Jason’s commitment to cultural depictions in the cross-section of film, music, sports, tech, and gaming will brand the NFT Fans Agency as a legendary storyteller,” said Cheryl Moody, Head of Ideation at NFT Fans Agency. “Never before has humanity had the ability to curate and preserve these elements - together as a blockchain collection - in perpetuity. We have come so far from cave drawings to stone tablets to the printed word, art, photography, technology, and the internet. We curate an assortment of books, films, digital art, physical items, fine art, and documents - all compiled to build a crypto art collection on a historical person or pop culture subject - and digitized for posterity.”

NFT Fans Agency is the first black-owned blockchain digital agency to provide complete creative and tech services to international NFT collectors and legacy clients, specializing in multi-media collections of cultural history. Swanston is a visionary and futurist with two decades of expertise as a tech entrepreneur in the streaming and digital space.

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